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Hunter Ceiling Fans

Our website Hunter Ceiling Fans is here to help you with all things Hunter. We post what our site visitors are looking for. This includes not only new and old Hunter fans but also replacement parts such as pullchains, switches, replacement glass globes, ceiling fan blades, instruction manuals and more. Hunter ceiling fans can be found in stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot as well. This is useful if you have little information to go on and need someone to take a first hand look at your ceiling fan.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Parts

Finding a replacement part for your Hunter fan needs to be easier. As such, that is our main attempt at providing replacement Hunter fan parts here. This could be something as simple as a pullchain – generally you can find those here for as low as $10. You may need a replacement Hunter glass globe because you were working on replacing a bulb lately and smash – your globe fell down and broke on the floor. These things happen, and we attempt to find these replacement globes and other parts for you as required.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Remotes

A remote is a common item that gets lost and needs to be replaced. But, how do you figure out which remote goes with your Hunter? This is a question that gets asked quite a bit. To determine the specific parts that best work with your fan, you can refer to the parts guide that matches the model of your fan. We talk more about these manuals, user guides & parts guides on our Hunter installation & parts guide pages. If you’re looking for a replacement Hunter ceiling fan remote, we can give you a hand in your search.

Hunter 3 Speed Ceiling Fan Replacement Remote
A Hunter 3 speed remote control. Don’t worry, you’re not the only person to misplace the remote!

 Hunter Ceiling Fan Light Kits

Having an existing Hunter ceiling fan and adding a light kit is often less expensive then replacing the entire fan. Many ceiling fans do have adaptable light kits that can be added to your Hunter fan, increasing it’s functionality and effectiveness in doing its job. If you have a room which is dimly lit and would like a ceiling fan to provide some overhead light, this is a purpose which is accomplished well by an adaptable light kit.

What do I do if I can’t find something on your website or need additional support?

If you are not able to find a specific Hunter replacement part on our website, please use the contact us page to let us know. We will do our best to find the part you are looking for and get it added to our website.

Common requests for Hunter fan parts include the following:

Hunter Ceiling Fan Troubleshooting

Using standard troubleshooting from other ceiling fans will also apply to Hunter Fans as well. Standard challenges you may find with any fan (not even necessarily a Hunter fan) include a wobbling ceiling fan, humming sounds, motor issues, capacitor issues, and all around problems as simple as “the fan is not working.” No matter what your challenge is with your Hunter fan, we have an article or two that will help troubleshoot common issues.

Cleaning your Hunter fan

Cleaning your fan is important, too! You might not t know this, but dirt can accumulate on top of your fan (and dust). Over time, this dirt and dust can eventually cause major damage to your fan. Who would had known, that dirt and dust can eventually cause this to happen! It’s a good thing to know. With that being said, we offer support and guidance on cleaning your Hunter ceiling fan. You can of course, use this knowledge to clean any ceiling fan – it does not necessarily need to be a Hunter fan. For the most part, a u-shaped brush really does the trick to get up and in there. They’re inexpensive, and double (or even triple) to provide some excellent additional options and functionality.

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  1. The fan is 40 years old and worked fine until recently. It used to turn on when you turned on the light switch. It doesn’t anymore. Plz advise! Thanks!

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