Hunter Ceiling Fan Remote Controls – How do I determine which replacement remote I need?

This is a question that gets asked often – what remote control do I purchase to replace my existing Hunter remote control? This is actually a very common question as the remotes tend to get lost or broken quite often. Before you go about purchasing a new remote (and we can help you to determine which remote you need further on down this page), we recommend some of the following troubleshooting steps.

If you have already tried all of these steps, you can skip down the page further to Step 4 – Replacing the Remote.

Step 1: Check the batteries on the remote

You should always first check the batteries on the remote to determine if the batteries are dead. Try to change the batteries anytime you have a problem first. This is especially prevalent in situations where you have noticed degradation of the signal over time. Eventually, the batteries will just die and then you will not have any control via the remote any further. Always check the batteries as a first step anytime you are having problems with your remote.

Step 2: Check the dipswitches

The dipswitches is what controls the frequency of the remote. You cannot set the frequency that the remote and the fan operate on via any programming – instead, the dipswitches accomplish this. On the fan as well as on the remote, the dipswitches need to be programmed the same way. Often times, the dipswitches will look like three switches that can go up or down.

Below we have a picture of how the dip switches work and function in this environment:

How dip switches work

As you can see, the dip switches need to be set the same way on the receiver as they are set on the transmitter. This can apply to ceiling fans as well as many other facets in the electronics industry – there are other appliances out there that also use dip switches.

Step 3: Check with the manufacturer – is there any other programming method

Check with Hunter themselves or by finding the manual that came with your ceiling fan. Is there any other way to program your ceiling fan remote? If your remote has dipswitches, chances are there isn’t. You can do a little research – try googling around or looking up your fan’s manual. If you are not able to come up with any other conclusion,

Step 4: Replacing the remote

If the other two steps have not worked out, or you just want to skip these and head straight to remote replacement – we’re here to help. Below, we have a link to a Hunter downloadable PDF. This PDF is a brochure but it also has part numbers for replacement parts, If you scroll down to page 81, this is the section where you can see all the Hunter replacement remotes available. Here you can match up the part you need to your fan, and then from there you can determine which remote will work with your fan.

Hunter Brochure and Parts Guide – Scroll down to page 81 to see the remotes that are available from Hunter. From there you can find the right one that works with your particular fan, and the part number that you need for your remote.

Once you have the part number you need, finding the replacement part is a heck of a lot easier. We may have the replacement Hunter remote you are looking for. You can also try Googling the part number if we don’t have it, or check with your local Home Depot as well.