Hunter Ceiling Fan Manuals & User’s Guides

If you are looking for a Hunter ceiling fan manual, you likely are having a problem with your Hunter ceiling fan. Or, perhaps you are looking for a part number within the manual that will help you to replace a part. In any case, we carry a few different Hunter ceiling fan manuals here to help you in this regard.

The below manuals are split into different parts. Please read the below headings to determine which manual you will require.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Manuals – Owner’s Manual

For each model of Hunter fan, there is an owner’s manual, a parts guide as well as an installation guide. The manual can be consulted for troubleshooting help, cautions and warnings, installation preparation, wiring help, how to operate and clean your fan, and much more. The owner’s manual may also sometimes have the installation instructions as well. If not, refer to the installation guide listed for your ceiling fan model instead.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Manuals – Parts Guide

There is a parts guide listed for each Hunter model as well. The parts guide is extremely useful when you have broken or lost a part that goes with your fan, and now require a replacement. For instance, say you lost your remote. Or, you dropped the glass globe and that is now broken. The parts guide will have a physical listing of said parts, so you can find a replacement part number in the parts guide. Once you have the part number you need, take a look and see if you can find the part on our website. If you cannot find the part, try calling a local Home Depot or browsing through their store or online website. With the part number in hand, getting support is a lot easier. Without the part number you will have a very tough time figuring out which part to replace on the fan.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Manuals – Installation Guide

The installation guide is for – you guessed it – installing your Hunter fan. Sometimes, the installation steps, procedure or manual may be contained within the relevant user’s guide for the fan model. Other times, it may not be contained within the user’s guide. Locating the relevant installation guide for your particular model is extremely helpful if having trouble installing your fan. With Hunter fans that have an attachable light kit, these manuals may guide you on how to install your Hunter fan with or without the light kit. Also included may be instructions on how to flush mount, how to install the fan blades, how to install the motor housing, how to wire the ceiling fan and more. An installation guide will take you from the point A to the point Z.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Manuals – Downloadable PDFs

Hunter Parts Guide – this parts guide will help you to figure out which part # you need when you need a Hunter replacement part. This could be due to a broken or missing part that you need for the fan to operate.

Hunter Type 2A Owner’s Guide and Installation Manual – If you own any ceiling fan in the 2A series, this fan will help you in terms of installing that series of fans. Can also be generally helpful for installing a Hunter fan of another series as well, as most installations are generic in nature.

Hunter Dempsey Ceiling Fan Installation Manual

Hunter Donegan Ceiling Fan Manual

Hunter Rhinebeck Ceiling Fan Manual 

Hunter Sentinel Ceiling Fan Installation Manual


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