How to program a Hunter Ceiling Fan Remote

Are you looking for instructions on how to program a Hunter ceiling fan remote? For the most part, programming requires that you “pair” the Hunter remote with the receiver. If you’ve ever had to pair a Bluetooth device before, like pairing your phone to your car, then you’re familiar with how this works. Once the two devices are “paired,” they communicate with each other and well – you’re done. It’s that easy! If the devices don’t pair, then you have a situation where either they are incompatible, or there is a problem with one of the devices. If the remote is brand new and won’t pair, chances are it’s your receiver. If this should happen, you’re better off purchasing a Hunter universal ceiling fan remote and receiver kit. When you buy one of these kits, the remote and the receiver are compatible because they’re bundled together.

The below diagram provides instructions on how to pair the Hunter remote with the receiver. There are generally three steps, as you can see below. The part numbers that these instruction work with are shown on the left hand side.


How to program Hunter ceiling fan remote
How do you program a Hunter ceiling fan remote? This image helps walk you through pairing the hunter remote with the receiver.

The bottom part of the diagram also shows you what buttons do on the remote, other then just the pairing the remote. Long presses do different things then quick presses.

Although these instructions are pretty simple – that’s the way Hunter intends it to be! Keep in mind we’re not the manufacturer. With all of this being said, if you find another set of instructions out there, please let us know! We’ll be happy to list your additional instructions on the website. There are likely many other instructions out there, as these ones are just for the models you see at the left.


Do you need help with a Hunter ceiling fan or part? Leave a comment or question here.

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