Hunter Ceiling Fan Wiring

Installing a new Hunter ceiling fan? Repairing an old Hunter ceiling fan? Wiring problem with existing Hunter fan in the home? In any of these cases, you will have to do some do it yourself work to your Hunter fan. A common question is regarding wire colors. What wire colors mean what? Often times ceiling fan enthusiasts ask the same question regarding the wiring colors. Knowing the different colors for every single make and model of Hunter ceiling fan would be far too much work. And what if the make is not Hunter? What then?

Relax. We’ve got you covered. The main trick to knowing wiring colors, whether it be for a ceiling fan or other, is being aware of the universal wire color structure. If you know that the green will be for ground all the time, red for positive, black for negative, blue for remote wire etc. then these wiring colors will always be the same and make life easier. Knowing which wire colors are generic and the same all the time will make life a whole lot easier. Those of us who have installed a few ceiling fans are likely aware of the generic wiring color structure. those of us who are not aware of the generic color structure, please browse over to our ceiling fan wiring guide in order to view more information and a step by step of how to wire your Hunter ceiling fan, how to install your fan, how to repair wire color issues, etc.

I need to find a Hunter wiring schematic. Can you help me?

As mentioned above, finding a wiring schematic for your fan should not be required. If you find that you have some wire colors that are not covered in the guide (unlikely but possible), please feel free to write us by utilizing the ceiling fan help request form. We will do our best to analyze the problem and provide a sound resolution. Please however read the wiring guide before requesting support as the first thing we will do is refer you there, if the answer is there. The wiring color guide does have a lot of useful information in terms of installing and wiring your own Hunter ceiling fan.

Generic Hunter Ceiling Fan Wire Colors

Black wire – hot lead for fan motor
Red/Blue/Striped wire – hot lead for optional light kit
White wire – Neutral lead for both motor and light kit
Green wire – ground for entire assembly

Do you need help with a Hunter ceiling fan or part? Leave a comment or question here.

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