Hunter Fan is Wobbling

Are you having troubles with your Hunter Ceiling Fan wobbling, or shaking? This could be caused by a number of different things. Here are the different issues that could cause a wobbling fan.

STOP! Before reading further – are you aware that your Hunter fan requires maintenance from time to time? The maintenance you should do to your ceiling fan includes occasional cleaning. Believe it or not, dust and dirt does eventually build up on the top of your fan. Although this may be a small amount, eventually if you never clean the top of the fan, this dust and dirt can create problems where your blades become unblanaced. This is a leading cause of fan wobbling – so be sure to clean the top of your fan blades from time to time. Your fan will last much longer because of it!

Dirty Ceiling Fan needs to be cleaned
Wow this is a super dirty fan! This is what you want to avoid. This fan is just caked in dirt. It obviously needs a very good clean! You shouldn’t even let your fan get this dirty and gross, but you’d be surprised how many people just don’t look up!

The issues that can cause a wobbling ceiling fan is as follows:

  • Loose screws
  • Lack of maintenance (as described above ) – dirty blades with dust / dirt buildup on top
  • Dusty or warped fan blades – related to cleaning the blades above

Try going through this troubleshooting section to determine where the wobbly wobble issue may be happening!

A) As mentioned, one of the first things you should do is clean the blades and make sure any dirt or other elements are removed. It’s important to ensure there is nothing blocking the full movement and capability of the fan to turn.

B) Is there any loose screws? If any screws are easy for you to turn with just your fingers, this becomes a bit of a problem. Make sure all the screws are secure. Anything that’s loose can cause a wobble, or just even some annoying noises from the fan.

C) Make sure that the box that your Hunter fan is attached to is secured well. The box should be rated to support the weight of the fan. You’ll also want to check that this box (it’s called an outlet box) is attached to a proper support, like a ceiling fan beam. The outlet box should not be attached to the ceiling directly (flushmounted), this won’t properly support the fan.


Do you need help with a Hunter ceiling fan or part? Leave a comment or question here.

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