Hunter Ceiling Fan Parts

Hunter Ceiling Fan Parts & Replacement Parts could be many different things. You may be looking for a light kit, a replacement light kit, a bulb, a dome, a downrod, etc. A Hunter Remote Control is also a part that often gets lost, or stops working, and requires replacement. Speaking of which…have you checked in your couch cushions?

4 Light Adapter

A Hunter 4 light adapter basically connects to the bottom of your Hunter ceiling fan. The concept with this adapter is, it will allow you to attach 4 light bulbs to your hunter fan. Effectively, this adapter becomes like a light kit. Well – it is a light kit, really. The only difference between an adapter and a light kit is, an adapter does not come with glass globes or any kind of globe to place around the bulbs. As such, the complete “look and feel” is not quite there. However, an adapter – whether it is three light, four light or etc. can still help to add light to a room if your Hunter ceiling fan does not currently have a light kit.

Hunter Light Kits, Bowl Light Kits

Light kits are different from adapters, as they generally come with a glass globe or other globe which distributes the light effectively. A bowl light kit or other from Hunter will add a level of detail to the fan. A light kit is both functional and appealing.

Replacement Bulbs – When your light kit stops working, you may need a replacement bulb. If you have had the same bulb going for a long time, and it has just stopped working, maybe time to replace the bulb. Generally, 40 watt bulbs are the ones that your Hunter ceiling fan will require. You can also look at purchasing longer life bulbs, which use energy more efficiently, so they last longer.

Hunter Downrods

A downrod is a required part, if yours breaks or becomes too brittle to support the fan. Allowing a downrod to snap can often mean that the ceiling fan comes tumbling down. Therefore, if your fan is moving around and vibrating all over, it may be a good idea to check the balance of the fan.

Hunter Remote Controls

We should probably have posted the Hunter Remote at the top of the list! It’s one of the most sought after items. Homeowners tend to misplace their remote, or it gets broken. Other times, you may need to troubleshoot the remote because you simply can’t figure out what’s wrong with it. After troubleshooting, the remote still does not work, so you end up having to replace it. That’s not a problem – we can help you with that too.

Hunter Replacement Remote Control for Ceiling Fan
Replacing a remote control that talks to your Monte Carlo fan is a common occurrence. They get lost, and often a remote can potentially stop working as well. Be sure to always check the batteries first!

Hunter Ceiling Fan Blades

A ceiling fan blade may need to be replaced when an existing blade becomes compromised. This can happen in ways such as a blade becoming warped or bent. Blades become warped from many years of usage, and if they’ve never been cleaned.

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  1. I bought a 54inch Channing model and need a switch housing cap . I do not want to use the light on the fan . Thx

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