Hunter Ceiling Fan Blade Arms

Fan blade arms wear down, break, snap and fall apart over time. Whether you have a Hunter ceiling fan or some other brand, this happens to many ceiling fans. Replacing the fan blade arms helps keep your fan balanced properly without having to purchase a new fan. When you purchase a set of arms, it will come with five – so you have everything you need to install onto your ceiling fan.

When do I need a replacement Hunter blade arm?

Replacement blade arms are sometimes needed if you have a warped blade or broken blade, and you don’t replace it for a long period of time. If you let a warped or broken blade continue to operate over time, you’ll find that eventually the blade arm can snap, or also become warped. It may be a slow or gradual process, but it’s easy to spot when the fan is turning. If you can see that some of the blades or blade arms aren’t matching up, that’s another indication of a problem. Blades themselves become warped over time due to wear and tear, but mostly due to poor maintenance. Believe it or not, dust buildup on top of the fan blades can eventually lead to warped blades if the blades are not cleaned often enough.

Here are the different Hunter ceiling fan blade arms that you will find today:

  • S-arm
  • V-arm
  • W-arm
  • T-arm
  • U-arm
  • X-arm
Hunter Ceiling Fan Blade Arms
Here’s an example of what blade arms look like. Here you can see a package of blade arms, ready to be attached to your existing fan.

What are these? These are the different kinds of Hunter ceiling fan blade arms you will find available. It depends on the kind of Hunter fan that you have. You can consult the manual that came with your fan to determine the arm that you require.

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