Hunter Ceiling Fan Downrods

Hunter ceiling fan downrods help in situations where you want to extend the height of your fan. In other words, if you would like to add additional room to between where the fan is and the floor. This is useful in situations with high ceilings. From time to time, you’ll also need to replace a downrod. Downrod replacements are utilized when a downrod breaks or snaps. The downrod can snap for the following reasons:

  • Blade balancing issues that cause the fan to wobble and eventually the downrod may become loose,
  • Someone grabbing onto the ceiling fan and causing the downrod to snap from the ceiling, Or, even a pet! Like a cat.
  • Usage over time with no maintenance (could take 15-20 years but fan may start to wobble from age),
  • Other miscellaneous reasons.

Hunter ceiling fan downrods are often a searched for item when it comes to Hunter ceiling fans. Finding a replacement Hunter downrod means that you need to find one which is the same size as the existing one you already have. Be sure to check the length of your existing Hunter downrod, before purchasing a new one.

Original Hunter Ceiling Fan Downrods

Hunter 12 inch brushed steel downrod
Hunter 12 inch brushed steel downrod

Hunter 26019 12-Inch Downrod, Brushed Nickel

This brushed nickel finish goes well with modern themes and decors.

Hunter 24 inch downrod
Hunter 24 inch downrod

Hunter 24 inch downrod.

Hunter 24inch New Bronze Downrod
Hunter 24inch New Bronze Downrod

Hunter 24 inch downrod with New Bronze finish

The New Bronze finish is attractive and handsome. It goes well with many different décor options, such as rustic, or a darker theme.

Hunter 48inch downrod
Hunter 48inch downrod

Hunter 48 inch downrod

7 thoughts on “Hunter Ceiling Fan Downrods

  1. I have a Hunter Original. Model number 23856A. Serial number 048314. Some time ago it had a capacitor start up problem. You sent me a capacitor set & a new housing. Both the Speed Capacitor and Run/Start capacitor have part number CBB61 on them. First I’ve taken the old capacitor out some time ago & I can’t figure the wireing out. Please e-mail a complete wiring diagram. Second, although the new housing does have more room in it, there is not enough room for all the parts. The speed switch is 1 1/4″ in diameter. Do you have a smaller diameter switch? Lastly, the new housing does Not have a access to lubricate the motor. I don’t see how this will work.

  2. Hi,

    Do you make downrods shorter than 3″. Currently have a hunter fan I moved to a room with a lower ceiling and would like to shorten as much as possible.


    1. Hello, sorry but the shortest length of downrod for a Hunter fan that we can provide is 12″

  3. Good afternoon ,

    Seeking metal arm for model # 26097. I purchased 3 of these fans that I absolutely love. Unfortunately , one arm ( metal piece) is broken on one of three identical fans (# on blade is 266.0d, PN# 89469 12/T.S) Love and need these fans and can not afford to replace them retired and on limited Social Security.

    If part is not avaiblr, suggestions would truly be appreciated.


    Gale Belger

  4. Looking for set of white blade arms for 42 inch hunter ceiling fan . number on fan 195498 or could be 195496 ?? Other number on fan is 87

  5. Hello, i am looking for the original down rod that came with the 50-52″ hunter fan, model#21545-380…I need the short rod because its a flush mount..Thank u!!

  6. I have a model 20537 fan, I’m missing the low profile
    washer that attaches the canopy to the motor housing.

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