Hunter Ceiling Fan Light Kits

There are two ways that you can get a Hunter ceiling fan light kit. The first way is the simplest way – if you have purchased a Hunter ceiling fan that comes with a light kit. If so, you are done. Easy, right? Well, then we have option two. This is likely what everyone is doing here. Either you have purchased a ceiling fan but need a light kit now to attach to it, or you had a light kit which is broken, malfunctioning etc. and you now need to replace it.

If you want to add a light kit to your fan, the key thing you need to know is – is your Hunter ceiling fan light kit adaptable or compatible? To determine this, there are a variety of ways.

Hunter Outdoor Clear Glass Ceiling Fan Light Kit
Here’s an example of a Hunter ceiling fan with a clear glass LED light kit.

Try checking the manual that came with your ceiling fan. See if it says if the ceiling fan is “adaptable with a Hunter light kit” or not. If it’s adaptable, see if the manual gives you any part numbers that will work with the fan. You can also try calling the manufacturer. We list phone numbers and contact numbers for Hunter wherever possible. We are not the manufacturer (sometimes people think we are!) but we try to give as much information as possible, whenever possible and wherever possible.

Some different styles of Hunter fan light kits include the following:

  • Hunter Bowl Light Kit
  • Hunter 3 Light Light Kit
  • Universal Light Kit compatible with Hunter Fan

Where can I find replacement Hunter Ceiling Fan Light Kits?

Of course, you’re probably in search of a replacement. Or you want to make your ceiling fan into a light source because it’s also light kit adaptable. If your Hunter ceiling fan is light kit adaptable, you can add on a light kit to your fan. Below we have listed some Hunter ceiling fan light kits, that we’ve been able to find. Of course, Home Depot is probably the biggest retailer of light kits anywhere around. We have a few listed here, and as more become available to us we will add them to this listing below.

Click on the light kit to review more and also if you’re interested in purchasing.

Hunter Three Light Ceiling Fan Light Kit

Takes three 13 watt fluorescent bulbs. This light kit is appropriate for ceiling fans, that are attached to ceiling heights of 8 feet or greater. Dimensions are 7.5 x 7.5 x 2.6 inches. At the time of this writing in 2021, this Hunter light kit is not discontinued. Comes in a bronze finish.

Do you need help with a Hunter ceiling fan or part? Leave a comment or question here.

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