Hunter Ceiling Fan Pullchains

A pullchain is used to pull the light switch and turn it on or off. You can use a pullchain to adjust the light setting to turn it on or off, or to turn the ceiling fan on or off. If there is a different setting for the fan, such as three speeds, the pullchain will help to move the fan between these speeds. This includes slow, medium and fast speeds. These days, pull chains are not always used because ceiling fan remotes are used in most cases. A ceiling fan remote replaces the manual method of having to use a pullchain. If the remote stops working, you may need to refer back to a pullchain. Or if your fan is too old and a remote does not operate the fan, a pullchain will be needed.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Pullchains may be deemed legacy parts

Pullchains are deemed somewhat “old school,” in that many ceiling fans in no longer use pullchains. Most ceiling fans are now operated by the use of remote controls . A pullchain however, could be a secondary device that is used when the remote may not be an option. Perhaps the receiver has failed, the remote has been lost, or etc. As long as the fan still spins, or the light kit still works, the pullchain can typically be used to activate either.

Hunter Fan Pullchain
An example of a Hunter ceiling fan pullchain. Pullchains can come in different shapes and sizes, so you can choose one that works for you.

With that being said, a pullchain can be a convenient alternative – however, it’s also more prone to being damaged or becoming a problematic part in the long run. It’s harder to break a remote. You have to intentionally throw a remote or lose the remote in order for it to become inoperable. Or it may potentially die after years and years of usage.

A pullchain can have a long life span too, but the trick is not to pull too hard or too fast. If  you treat the pullchain gently, it will last you many more years to come.

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