How to install a Hunter Ceiling Fan

This is the starting page if you are looking to install a Hunter ceiling fan. There are more than 1 series of fans. There is the 2 series, 5 series and also other accessories which you may be trying to install.

Please find the links below to the respective installation pages. If you are trying to install a specific Hunter accessory, switch, wall control, remote or other and having trouble, please do fill our comments section or use the contact form to let us know. We will research the part or accessory you are having trouble installing, and post an installation guide which should be helpful.

One good thing about obtaining support for ceiling fan installation, is that the same installation instructions for most fans will be generic overall. In this way, you don’t necessarily have to read about Hunter ceiling fan installation, because if you understand how to install a ceiling fan you can use that experience for other fans as well.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Installation
If you need help installing a Hunter Ceiling Fan, we can help. We have step by step guides that provide support.

The installation of a Hunter ceiling fan, if done correctly can be completed in a five to ten minute window. The installation should be quick and painless in this manner. If the installation does not feel like this – if it’s become a much longer, drawn out process with challenges or issues – stop. Do some research, look online – what’s the problem? You can also post about it and we’ll do our best to answer.

Step by Step Instructions on Hunter Ceiling Fan Installation

  • Make sure you have the required tools that you need:
  • You need the fan to be at least 7 feet from the floor (from the floor to the bottom edge of the fan blades). Also, each blade tip should be 30 inches or more to the nearest wall or obstruction.
  • Read the manual, and understand all the warnings
  • Check over the parts that came with the fan, make sure they are all there
  • Turn power off at circuit breaker
  • Attach hanging bracket to the junction box, pull wires through bracket opening
  • Raise the fan and place the ball into
    the hanger bracket
  • Connect the green wires, white wires,
    black wires
  • Partially secure the canopy screws in the bracket, raise the canopy over the hanger, align screws with slots in the canopy
  • Secure the canopy, install the remaining canopy screws, tighten all canopy screws
  • Snap easy lock blades into the blade arms
  • Screw the lightbulb in
  • Attach pull chains as required

Here is a video from the manufacturer that outlines how to install your Hunter ceiling fan.


Once your Hunter ceiling fan is installed, it’s a good idea to run the fan at the highest setting. Run it for a while and see if there is any wobbles or noises If not, great job! You’re done installing your new fan.

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