Hunter 85094-02 Ceiling Fan Remote Control

Site visitors sometimes are on our site, searching for the Hunter 85094-02 Ceiling Fan Remote Control. We did a complete search online for this remote. We were able to locate this remote at the following resources:

  • We checked, they have a few results that pop up but do not seem to carry this remote.
  • We were not able to find a replacement to this remote.
  • We were able to locate the original replacement remote available for sale on E-bay.
Hunter 85094-02 OEM Ceiling Fan Remote Control
Hunter 85094-02 OEM Ceiling Fan Remote Control

As always, one of the things we can recommend is to reach out to Hunter ceiling fan support to see if you are able to get more assistance that way. While we are able to offer the original OEM remote for part number 85094-02, we were not able to source a universal remote or other replacement that is compatible with 85094-02. We hope that this result we were able to locate is helpful. If you still need assistance finding Hunter ceiling fan replacement parts, please let us know by using our comment form and leave a question or comment as to what help you require.

If you are able to leave more details like the make and model of your fan as well, that is also helpful. If you need help to determine what make and model you have, read our article on how to determine my ceiling fan make and model. This page also has a video which is helpful.

Hunter Park Hill Ceiling Fan Manual

The Hunter Park Hill ceiling fan is designated by Hunter as model 20578

  1. Unpacking and Assembly

Before you can enjoy the cooling breeze of the Hunter Park Hill Ceiling Fan, you need to assemble it correctly. The manual provides detailed step-by-step instructions and diagrams, making the process straightforward. Hunter Fan Company takes pride in designing their fans for easy assembly, ensuring that you can have your fan up and running in no time. Additionally, the manual lists all the components included in the package, allowing you to verify that you have everything you need.

  1. Installation

Installing a ceiling fan may seem like a daunting task, but the Hunter Park Hill Ceiling Fan Manual simplifies the process. It covers various installation options, such as standard, angled, and flush mount, making it adaptable to different room configurations. Safety precautions are highlighted to ensure a secure installation. Furthermore, the manual provides guidance on electrical wiring, so even if you’re not an experienced DIY enthusiast, you can confidently set up your Hunter fan.

Hunter Park Hill Ceiling Fan
Hunter Park Hill Ceiling Fan
  1. Remote Control and Settings

Modern ceiling fans like the Hunter Park Hill come with remote controls, allowing you to conveniently adjust settings without leaving your seat. The manual explains how to sync the remote with the fan, providing you with easy access to features like fan speed control, light intensity, and even a sleep mode for nighttime comfort. This level of customization ensures that your fan suits your preferences and lifestyle.

  1. Maintenance and Care

To keep your Hunter Park Hill Ceiling Fan running smoothly and looking its best, regular maintenance is essential. The manual provides detailed instructions on how to clean the fan blades and housing, ensuring that dust and debris do not accumulate and affect performance. It also covers troubleshooting common issues and how to replace parts if necessary, helping you prolong the lifespan of your fan.

  1. Energy Efficiency

In an era of growing environmental consciousness, energy efficiency is a top consideration for many consumers. The Hunter Park Hill Ceiling Fan is designed with energy-saving features, and the manual highlights these benefits. You can learn how to use the fan to reduce your cooling costs and minimize your carbon footprint.

  1. Warranty Information

The manual includes important warranty information provided by Hunter Fan Company. Knowing the terms and conditions of your fan’s warranty can give you peace of mind, should any unexpected issues arise. Hunter Fan Company is known for standing behind their products, and the manual will guide you on how to contact customer support if needed.

23 Inch Ceiling Fan Blades

While we have had site visitors ask for 23 inch replacement ceiling fan blades before, we do admit – 23 inch is an odd size. Many ceiling fans used 42 inch or larger fan blades. Finding fan blades that have a 20 inch size is possible. Finding blades that have a 23 inch blade span is more difficult though. When we have looked online for 23 inch ceiling fan blades, we have found the following details:

  • does not appear to have 23 inch ceiling fan blades. They do have 20 inch blades, as well as fans that can be purchased that have 23 inch blade spans. But finding 23 inch replacement fan blades appears difficult
  • Home Depot does have 23 inch replacement blades for some fans
  • E-Bay is another good place to find replacement 23 inch fan blades
23 Inch LED Ceiling Fan
Here is an example of a 23 inch ceiling fan. We can’t find replacement blades that are 23 inch long though to post here.

Hunter Stockbridge 70 Inch Ceiling Fan Review

Wow, a 70 inch ceiling fan! This is a ceiling fan with a huge blade span, to say the least. With Hunter’s patented & powerful whisperwind motor and large blade size, this fan is perfect for large indoor rooms.

Site visitors report the following advantages or pros as it relates to the Hunter Stockbridge 70″ Ceiling Fan:

Moves a lot of air. Fans with fan blades this large typically do move a lot of air. When fans are this large, they can often be referred to as industrial or commercial ceiling fans.

Stylish – The fan has a unique and appealing appearance.

Quiet fan – The fan does not make a lot of noise.

Hunter Stockbridge Ceiling Fan
The Hunter Stockbridge Ceiling Fan is a 70 inch fan. This means it can sure move a lot of air! Site visitors have advised this is a quiet fan too, which is nice. However, there’s a number of reports that the blade color as well as the globe color leaves something to be desired. What do you think – do you like the fan’s colors, or you’re not a fan? Pun intended.

Site visitors reported the following disadvantages or cons:

Some site visitors reported a slight wobble with the Stockbridge fan. Other users also reported that because of the wobble, they tried to balance the fan. Due to the blades being quite large, balancing the fan was not a pleasant experience.

There have been reports, of those who purchased this fan that they didn’t like the blade color or the globe color. While some don’t mind it, others would change the blade color and the globe color if they could.


How do I clean my Hunter ceiling fan?

Prepare the ceiling fan and area below for cleaning

The first step – prep the area! We want to put down some old sheets, or whatever rags you don’t care about that can catch dust and other dirt under the fan. You want to cover not only the area under the fan, but an area about twice the width of the fan.

Once you’ve got some drop cloth or something under the fan to catch dust and dirt (make sure you don’t have furniture right under the fan either), then it’s time to set up your ladder. You want to make sure the ladder is in such a place, that you will be able to see the top of the blades. Remove light kits and light globes too, so they don’t get dirt and dust all over them. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to take them down too so you can clean them as well!

Cleaning your Hunter Ceiling Fan

Now that you’ve got the area prepped and ready, we can start cleaning our Hunter fan! The best way to go about is to use a brush. The kind of brush you should use looks like the below. These kind of brushes are great for multiple purposes, actually. Yes, they work great with ceiling fans, but due to the reach, the telescoping arm, etc. and the shape of the brush, you can get into hard to reach places. They work great as ceiling fan cleaners but double as dusters as well. These cleaning duster u-shaped brushes are not overly expensive and serve multiple purposes, so they’re a great buy for any home owner or ceiling fan enthusiast.

Ceiling Fan Ushaped Cleaning Brush

Eversprout Flexible Microfiber Ceiling and Fan Duster

Only $25 USD, and has a reach of 8-10 ft. It’s also machine washable! A pretty nifty duster, if we do say so ourselves.

Once you’ve got the right tools, it’s onto cleaning! You’ll want to wipe both sides of the fan blades.

If there are any light globes on your Hunter ceiling fan, take them down with a screwdriver and hand wash in the sink. Before you re-attach the light kit or globe, make sure that you let the globe dry completely.

Finally, in order to prevent dust from sticking to the blades going forward – one site visitor suggested using car wax. Kind of a cool idea. We’re not sure how much car wax to apply (likely just a little bit), but you could try this trick out and let us know how it works out for you and your Hunter ceiling fan!


  • Don’t spray water or liquid onto fan blades.
  • All purpose cleaner can be used with fan blades, and a cloth or sponge to wash the blades
  • Don’t apply pressure – you don’t want to bend the fan blades