Hunter Stockbridge 70 Inch Ceiling Fan Review

Wow, a 70 inch ceiling fan! This is a ceiling fan with a huge blade span, to say the least. With Hunter’s patented & powerful whisperwind motor and large blade size, this fan is perfect for large indoor rooms.

Site visitors report the following advantages or pros as it relates to the Hunter Stockbridge 70″ Ceiling Fan:

Moves a lot of air. Fans with fan blades this large typically do move a lot of air. When fans are this large, they can often be referred to as industrial or commercial ceiling fans.

Stylish – The fan has a unique and appealing appearance.

Quiet fan – The fan does not make a lot of noise.

Hunter Stockbridge Ceiling Fan
The Hunter Stockbridge Ceiling Fan is a 70 inch fan. This means it can sure move a lot of air! Site visitors have advised this is a quiet fan too, which is nice. However, there’s a number of reports that the blade color as well as the globe color leaves something to be desired. What do you think – do you like the fan’s colors, or you’re not a fan? Pun intended.

Site visitors reported the following disadvantages or cons:

Some site visitors reported a slight wobble with the Stockbridge fan. Other users also reported that because of the wobble, they tried to balance the fan. Due to the blades being quite large, balancing the fan was not a pleasant experience.

There have been reports, of those who purchased this fan that they didn’t like the blade color or the globe color. While some don’t mind it, others would change the blade color and the globe color if they could.


Are Hunter Ceiling Fans good at moving air?

So, how do Hunter ceiling fans perform in terms of moving air? Hunter ceiling fans are pretty good at moving air around. If you’re looking to move the maximum amount of air possible, look for a flush mount ceiling fan. These mount directly to the ceiling instead of using a downrod. For the most movement of air, look for a high flow model. A CFM rating of 7000 or more will be sufficient if you want a lot of air movement in a room.

One thing to note is that many flush mount models (this is just ceiling fans in general, not specifically Hunter) do not do a great job moving large amounts of air. Longer and wider blades are needed in order to be effective. You’ll also want to look at ceiling fans with a 60 or 70″ blade span in order to move vast amounts of air and surpass that CFM rating of 7000 we mentioned.

Hunter Fan Company Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan
The Hunter Builder deluxe is a great example of an exemplary Hunter ceiling fan. The price is right, too – $121 USD, at the time of this writing. Excellent construction, good reliability, and the Hunter name – all for an affordable cost.

Hunter fans are one of the most well known ceiling fan brands

Hunter is one of the most well known ceiling fan brands on the market today. They have been around for a long time, and they stand behind their products. Although you will often pay a little more for a Hunter then you might for a Hampton Bay or Harbor Breeze, the difference in price is often worth it. Also, there are many times where you can find a Hunter ceiling fan on sale. Hunter fans are not that much more in terms of cost difference. But again, the difference is often worth it. Hunter uses quality parts, and has been around a lot longer. As such, they have really honed their craft of producing excellent ceiling fans.

Hunter Key Biscayne Ceiling Fan

So, why would you consider the Hunter Key Biscayne Ceiling Fan? Great question. There’s lots of redeeming qualities about this fan. Let’s examine them. The first thing you should understand about the Key Biscayne Ceiling Fan – it’s a large fan. The fan has a 54″ blade span, making it a large fan that can move much air. Due to the fact that it’s a larger fan, it’s important to note that it needs to be mounted in a larger room which allows for the larger blade span of the fan without interfering with anything else in the room.
As always, Hunter’s Whisperwind motor provides superb air movement. However, as the name implies, it’s quiet – so there’s no need to worry about the fan making ample noise, despite it’s large profile – it’s quiet. The quiet motor is also a reversible motor, so it’s easy to change direction. The Key Biscayne fan is ETL damp rated, too. This means it’ll work in places like porches, patios and sunrooms. However, let’s clarify that a bit. When we  talk about using this fan on a porch, we talk about  “covered porches.” This means that the fan can be used in a damp setting – like it rains outside, but it’s best not to have rain go directly onto the fan. The blades will likely pick up some moisture from time to time, so it’s not a bad idea to try and dry it off as well with a cloth to keep it in top running shape. One thing we don’t recommend is keeping it constantly wet – try to keep it dry. It can be damp, but should not be wet all the time. Buildup or accumulation constantly on top of the fan in terms of water or moisture will basically cause the blades to eventually become out of alignment potentially.
Hunter Key Biscayne Ceiling Fan
The Hunter Key Biscayne Ceiling Fan is an excellent, elegant ceiling fan. Not only does this fan move a lot of air and looks great with that rustic feel, it’s damp rated so you can use it in outdoor locations. If you’d like to learn in what kind of outdoor locations you can use this fan, keep reading!
The Key Biscayne comes with an included pull chain, so you can quickly turn it on or off and make speed adjustments. It also feature an included light kit. The motor is backed up by a limited lifetime motor warranty. The light kit uses two 14 watt standard medium base CFL bulbs. These bulbs are included with the fan.
What are site visitors saying about the Hunter Key Biscayne Ceiling Fan?
  • Lots of air flow
  • Excellent for outdoor spaces like patios and sun porches
  • Finish makes the fan look ornate and appealing
  • Lantern style fan
  • 54 inch blades move ample amounts of air. Blades have great engineering and are reversible
  • Quiet and runs smoothly due to WhisperWind technology

What are the best Hunter Ceiling Fans?

Need to move large amounts of air

When looking to move large amounts of air, the longer the blade span is, the better. Any ceiling fan that is 52inch will generally move more air then a fan with a blade span of 42″.  Of course, there’s more to it then that though as well. You want to look at the CFM rating – this is a rating of how much air the fan actually moves. For rooms where you need really good air movement, try looking at fans that have a CFM rating of 7000 or more (at minimum).

Hunter Dempsey Low Profile Ceiling Fan
The Hunter Dempsey fan is one of the fans we list here, that we believe are one of the best Hunter ceiling fans available on the market. It’s a simple color and finish. The thing to understand about Hunter is the quality of the fan, as well as the parts that are used to build it are of a superior quality compared to some of the other “House brands” that Home Depot carries. Hunter is also not a Home Depot house brand.

Hunter Original is a good bet

The Hunter Original is aptly named; quite honestly it’s one of the highest grossing fan models ever made. The Hunter Original is just a name that a lot of fan enthusiasts would recognize. There are different variations available on the model, but as long as it’s an authentic Hunter fan, the technology and parts behind it is the same. It’s worth noting as well that the quality of fan that Hunter makes is generally better then some of the other brands that Home Depot sells. We aren’t trying to put down some of the other brands, but Hunter typically has better quality. It’s also not a house brand that’s owned by Home Depot. Parts seem to be more readily available.

Best Hunter Ceiling Fans that You Can Buy

  • Original
  • Melbourne, with LED Light etc.
  • Presto
  • Kennicott
  • Dempsey
  • Solaria
  • Park View

** Some of the above models are available in 42 inch models, some are available in models with a 52 inch blade span. Some of the above models may be available in both sizes, as well as other sizes.