How do I clean my Hunter ceiling fan?

Prepare the ceiling fan and area below for cleaning

The first step – prep the area! We want to put down some old sheets, or whatever rags you don’t care about that can catch dust and other dirt under the fan. You want to cover not only the area under the fan, but an area about twice the width of the fan.

Once you’ve got some drop cloth or something under the fan to catch dust and dirt (make sure you don’t have furniture right under the fan either), then it’s time to set up your ladder. You want to make sure the ladder is in such a place, that you will be able to see the top of the blades. Remove light kits and light globes too, so they don’t get dirt and dust all over them. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to take them down too so you can clean them as well!

Cleaning your Hunter Ceiling Fan

Now that you’ve got the area prepped and ready, we can start cleaning our Hunter fan! The best way to go about is to use a brush. The kind of brush you should use looks like the below. These kind of brushes are great for multiple purposes, actually. Yes, they work great with ceiling fans, but due to the reach, the telescoping arm, etc. and the shape of the brush, you can get into hard to reach places. They work great as ceiling fan cleaners but double as dusters as well. These cleaning duster u-shaped brushes are not overly expensive and serve multiple purposes, so they’re a great buy for any home owner or ceiling fan enthusiast.

Ceiling Fan Ushaped Cleaning Brush

Eversprout Flexible Microfiber Ceiling and Fan Duster

Only $25 USD, and has a reach of 8-10 ft. It’s also machine washable! A pretty nifty duster, if we do say so ourselves.

Once you’ve got the right tools, it’s onto cleaning! You’ll want to wipe both sides of the fan blades.

If there are any light globes on your Hunter ceiling fan, take them down with a screwdriver and hand wash in the sink. Before you re-attach the light kit or globe, make sure that you let the globe dry completely.

Finally, in order to prevent dust from sticking to the blades going forward – one site visitor suggested using car wax. Kind of a cool idea. We’re not sure how much car wax to apply (likely just a little bit), but you could try this trick out and let us know how it works out for you and your Hunter ceiling fan!


  • Don’t spray water or liquid onto fan blades.
  • All purpose cleaner can be used with fan blades, and a cloth or sponge to wash the blades
  • Don’t apply pressure – you don’t want to bend the fan blades


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