23 Inch Ceiling Fan Blades

While we have had site visitors ask for 23 inch replacement ceiling fan blades before, we do admit – 23 inch is an odd size. Many ceiling fans used 42 inch or larger fan blades. Finding fan blades that have a 20 inch size is possible. Finding blades that have a 23 inch blade span is more difficult though. When we have looked online for 23 inch ceiling fan blades, we have found the following details:

  • Amazon.com does not appear to have 23 inch ceiling fan blades. They do have 20 inch blades, as well as fans that can be purchased that have 23 inch blade spans. But finding 23 inch replacement fan blades appears difficult
  • Home Depot does have 23 inch replacement blades for some fans
  • E-Bay is another good place to find replacement 23 inch fan blades
23 Inch LED Ceiling Fan
Here is an example of a 23 inch ceiling fan. We can’t find replacement blades that are 23 inch long though to post here.

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