Hunter Discovery Ceiling Fan

From the very first glance, the Discovery Ceiling Fan impresses with its harmonious design that complements a wide array of interior styles. Whether your home boasts a classic, transitional, or contemporary decor, the fan’s versatile aesthetic appeal effortlessly adapts to its surroundings.

The blades of the Discovery Ceiling Fan are a testament to Hunter’s commitment to crafting products of enduring quality. Constructed from high-quality materials, the fan’s reversible blades not only ensure consistent air circulation but also provide an aesthetic focal point. The fan is available in various finishes, allowing homeowners to tailor the fan to match their unique tastes and preferences.

Hunter Discovery Ceiling Fan
Hunter Discovery Ceiling Fan

Beyond its captivating appearance, the Hunter Discovery Ceiling Fan is a technologically advanced addition to any living space. Equipped with a powerful motor and cutting-edge fan blade design, this ceiling fan generates optimal airflow, effectively cooling rooms while consuming minimal energy. This energy efficiency not only contributes to lower utility bills but also aligns with the contemporary focus on sustainability.

One of the most remarkable features of the Discovery Ceiling Fan is its integrated light kit. Designed with energy-efficient LED bulbs, the fan provides ambient illumination that can be customized to suit different occasions and moods. Whether you’re hosting a gathering, reading a book, or simply relaxing, the adjustable lighting offers the perfect setting.

Installation Made Simple

The Hunter Discovery Ceiling Fan doesn’t just prioritize comfort and aesthetics – it also emphasizes ease of installation. The fan is designed with the homeowner in mind, featuring a user-friendly installation process that doesn’t require extensive technical expertise. Clear instructions and the included hardware make setting up the fan a breeze, ensuring that you can enjoy its benefits without unnecessary hassle.


Hunter Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan Review

The Hunter Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan has been selected as one of the top value ceiling fans on .  The cost is very affordable at $108.00. It has a motor warranty that is backed by Hunter – and Hunter has been around for over 125 years, which is the longest standing run
or history of any of the ceiling fan brands on the market today. That’s not something you should ignore or scoff at so easily!

Hunter Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan
Here’s what the Hunter Builder Deluxe ceiling fan looks like. At $108, it’s quite affordable and comes with a light kit. The only part that does not come standard with the ceiling fan is a remote.

Not only does this fan offer excellent value, but part of that excellent value is also providing a light kit as part of the fan. There are two 60 watt incandescent bulbs included. There are not many other fans where you can obtain such a great bargain on the fan, complete with a light kit and all of the other features. But what are the other features that come with this fan? Here are the additional features.

Hunter Builder Deluxe Features:

  • Fan has reverse setting
  • Fan comes with both 3 inch and 2 inch downrod
  • Pull chains included
  • Whisperwind motor – well known Hunter motor that saves energy
    while providing excellent power
  • 52 inch blade span

The only thing you should be aware of is that the fan
does not come with a remote. It’s a question that gets
asked a lot, and while the fan does provide a lot for a modest price,
it does not provide a remote as part of the purchase

Hunter Claymore 54″ Ceiling Fan

A beautiful ceiling fan featuring a brushed cocoa finish, antiqued cherry hand carved blades, and a whisperwind motor for quiet operation. Max airspeed movement is at 5000 CFM capacity. Also comes with a 2 candelabra bulb light kit and a limited lifetime warranty.

Below we have some commonly asked questions related to the Hunter Claymore. If you have a question you would like to ask, feel free to post a comment to this page. We will attempt to answer your questions as best we can. Please do not hesitate to post something, as long as you are asking a question and not saying anything bad. We will answer all standard, straight-forward asked questions in a timely manner and add them to this page.

Common Questions Related to Hunter Claymore Model 28787

Q> I need help finding a replacement remote for the Hunter Claymore, which is fan model 28787. Can you help me?

Q> I need to find a replacement part for my Hunter Claymore, such as a new light kit or glass globe. What should I do?

A> Below we have listed a parts guide for the Hunter Claymore. This should help alleviate concerns related to finding replacement parts, or a replacement remote. These are the most common parts that require replacement on the Hunter Claymore. A remote is an easy part to lose and then not be able to find again – happens to a lot of our site visitors, so don’t worry. We’ll help you out as best as we can.

Hampton Bay Claymore Ceiling Fan User’s Manual
The user’s manual is useful for installation, cleaning and maintenance, troubleshooting, and alternate forms of installation. If you cannot find the original manual that came with your ceiling fan, you may find this link useful.

Hampton Bay Claymore Ceiling Fan Parts Guide
Useful for determining what comes with the fan, and what part numbers correspond to which part. If you need a replacement part but don’t know the part number, this is a good place to check and take a look.

Hampton Bay Claymore Ceiling Fan Energy Guide
Information on the energy settings on the ceiling fan, how to conforms to industry standards, energy usage at peak levels, and more. If you want to determine how much energy the fan will use, this guide would be useful for that purpose.

Hunter 2012 Brochure & Parts Guide

The 2012 brochure has not only part numbers and more information on mostly every ceiling fan available in 2012, it also lists all replacement Hunter parts produced in that year. On page 82 starts the section on Hunter replacement remotes, so if that is what you are looking for this may be useful for you.