How to install a Hunter ceiling fan

Welcome to the Hunter installation page. Here we have listed the different installation instructions on how to install your Hunter ceiling fan. There are a few different models. We have a video posted here for each model of ceiling fan. We find that a visual walkthrough of installing your ceiling fan is so much more useful then text on a screen. Seeing someone else doing the work will make things much easier for you if you need some help with installation.

How to Install Your Hunter 2x Series Fan

This video will walk you through installing your series 2 hunter fan. Your user guide would have more information on how to do this, but this video is right from Hunter itself … you might even find it more helpful then your user’s manual!

How to Install Your 5xxxx Series Fan

Tools you will need

  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Wire Strippers
  • Power Drill with drill bit
  • May need ladder

How to Install Your Low Profile 5xxxx Series Fan

    • Lay out all your parts required for the installation
    • Make sure they are all there
    • Turn off power at the circuit breaker
    • Place the ceiling bracket
    • Line up the holes
    • Secure with washers, screws, nuts
    • Remove the shipping blocks
    • Attach grommets to the blades
    • Install the downrod

    Watch the video for more steps

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