Are Hunter Ceiling Fans good at moving air?

So, how do Hunter ceiling fans perform in terms of moving air? Hunter ceiling fans are pretty good at moving air around. If you’re looking to move the maximum amount of air possible, look for a flush mount ceiling fan. These mount directly to the ceiling instead of using a downrod. For the most movement of air, look for a high flow model. A CFM rating of 7000 or more will be sufficient if you want a lot of air movement in a room.

One thing to note is that many flush mount models (this is just ceiling fans in general, not specifically Hunter) do not do a great job moving large amounts of air. Longer and wider blades are needed in order to be effective. You’ll also want to look at ceiling fans with a 60 or 70″ blade span in order to move vast amounts of air and surpass that CFM rating of 7000 we mentioned.

Hunter Fan Company Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan
The Hunter Builder deluxe is a great example of an exemplary Hunter ceiling fan. The price is right, too – $121 USD, at the time of this writing. Excellent construction, good reliability, and the Hunter name – all for an affordable cost.

Hunter fans are one of the most well known ceiling fan brands

Hunter is one of the most well known ceiling fan brands on the market today. They have been around for a long time, and they stand behind their products. Although you will often pay a little more for a Hunter then you might for a Hampton Bay or Harbor Breeze, the difference in price is often worth it. Also, there are many times where you can find a Hunter ceiling fan on sale. Hunter fans are not that much more in terms of cost difference. But again, the difference is often worth it. Hunter uses quality parts, and has been around a lot longer. As such, they have really honed their craft of producing excellent ceiling fans.