What are the best Hunter Ceiling Fans?

Need to move large amounts of air

When looking to move large amounts of air, the longer the blade span is, the better. Any ceiling fan that is 52inch will generally move more air then a fan with a blade span of 42″.  Of course, there’s more to it then that though as well. You want to look at the CFM rating – this is a rating of how much air the fan actually moves. For rooms where you need really good air movement, try looking at fans that have a CFM rating of 7000 or more (at minimum).

Hunter Dempsey Low Profile Ceiling Fan
The Hunter Dempsey fan is one of the fans we list here, that we believe are one of the best Hunter ceiling fans available on the market. It’s a simple color and finish. The thing to understand about Hunter is the quality of the fan, as well as the parts that are used to build it are of a superior quality compared to some of the other “House brands” that Home Depot carries. Hunter is also not a Home Depot house brand.

Hunter Original is a good bet

The Hunter Original is aptly named; quite honestly it’s one of the highest grossing fan models ever made. The Hunter Original is just a name that a lot of fan enthusiasts would recognize. There are different variations available on the model, but as long as it’s an authentic Hunter fan, the technology and parts behind it is the same. It’s worth noting as well that the quality of fan that Hunter makes is generally better then some of the other brands that Home Depot sells. We aren’t trying to put down some of the other brands, but Hunter typically has better quality. It’s also not a house brand that’s owned by Home Depot. Parts seem to be more readily available.

Best Hunter Ceiling Fans that You Can Buy

  • Original
  • Melbourne, with LED Light etc.
  • Presto
  • Kennicott
  • Dempsey
  • Solaria
  • Park View

** Some of the above models are available in 42 inch models, some are available in models with a 52 inch blade span. Some of the above models may be available in both sizes, as well as other sizes.